Founded by financial professionals, BuySelliQ's mission is to deliver applications that un-complicate investing, for everyone.

Located in Las Vegas, Nevada, BuySelliQ is a technology company that owns proprietary software designed to assist with investment management and investor education.

In any economy, BuySelliQ believes that it is critical for individuals to have the means to control their investments. BuySelliQ provides the proper tools to make users aware of their portfolio selections and excited about investing.

How it all began

Founded in 2013, BuySelliQ is a result of decades of research, learning from masters in the industry, working on Wall St., trading and ultimately, through the explosion of technology, William (Bill) Hinckley, nicknamed Astro Willie while on Wall St., was able to complete his journey.

Models designed for investing in the markets and used by the now deceased Bill Hinckley are the core of BuySelliQ. Founder Laurie Hinckley along with her business partner offered BuySelliQ as a resource for financial education.

The goal is to empower individuals with the confidence necessary to engage, manage and finally have the ability to build a solid financial future.

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