"Now more than ever the world needs your brilliance, your voice, your unique imagination, and your particular genius." ― Gloria Burgess, Dare to Wear Your Soul on the Outside: Live Your Legacy Now

William Hinckley, Bill, was born January 3, 1945, in Oakland, California. That same year, the Second World War had come to an end and the United States economy was about to experience a major shift. Over the next 15 years, GDP more than doubled, automobile production increased dramatically and new industries in electronics and aviation grew by leaps and bounds. It was an amazing time to be in the United States and an amazing time to be alive.

Early Life

When Bill was 11 his father said he was going to invest $3000 for him in Mallory Battery. Bill watched as the money doubled and decided investing was where he should focus.

During this time of prosperity and entrepreneurialism in the United States, what would a typical 11-year-old boy be doing? The normal 11-year-old probably played in the streets with his Radio Flyer wagon, but Bill was not typical. His father, William, was a product of the depression and was determined to educate Bill about all matters financial. When Bill was 11 his father said he was going to invest $3000 for him in Mallory Battery. Bill watched as the money doubled and decided investing was where he should focus. Of course, at the time and at such a young age, it was not possible to know where this curiosity would lead, but the course had been set and his future was already laid out. His intensity manifested in many areas as he matured. Bill tackled sports with the intensity that he would later devote to trading and research. He played football but his passion was for golf. The mental and physical challenge was golf’s appeal and he was prepared to go pro. However his future was not in golf. Enlisting in the Marines and three tours in Viet Nam altered his course. In between his tours he completed his education with a bachelor’s degree in business from the University of Arizona.

Life as a professional golfer vanished after returning from the war so he turned all of his intensity and passion to his academic pursuits and went to work for a bank in San Francisco. It didn’t take long for word of his intelligence and ability to reach back east – Wall St. Bill was approached by a firm that wanted to recruit him, and did so by tossing down the gauntlet “all the smart guys are in New York”!

“Astro Willie”

Once in New York, Bill became the head of research for a firm known at the time to have all the “young guns” commonly referred to as “the hot shots with balls”.

It was there that Bill became known as “Astro Willie” and the name stuck for the years he stayed with the firm. Before he was a big shot in research, he had the good fortune of being the understudy of an elderly gentleman named Duncan. This elderly gentleman took a liking to Bill and agreed to let Bill study his work. What prompted this was a simple question from Duncan. After Bill was feeling good about a successful trade, Duncan asked if he knew why he was successful and if he could do it again. It was at that point that Bill stopped trading and moved on to research where he studied and absorbed anything and everything he could.

As head of research for the firm, Bill embraced the concept of simplicity. His analysts were told to boil down their reports to a single page if they were going to be read. After a relocation from New York to LA due to health reasons, Bill decided that the corporate life was not for him and he left the firm and “retired” shortly thereafter. From that point forward, he was determined to do the research necessary to “break the code” or find the ultimate trading format. The result of his four decades of work, along with enormous advancements in technology and an intensity and passion that are rare, is the basis for BuySelliQ.


As recently as 2011, BuySelliQ, in its current form, did not exist. The technology existed, after years of fine tuning the precision and perfection of the model, but a desire to share it with the public did not. In July of that year, Bill Hinckley died at age 66. He was a renaissance man in every sense and his early demise was extremely tragic. His many decades of research and vast accumulation of information on trading, natural law, cycles, pattern recognition, fractals, economics and all of the proprietary models that he designed, were passed along to be used by his wife, Laurie. Fortunately for everyone, Laurie had the wisdom and entrepreneurial drive to take the genius from her late husband and make it available to the public so that they could have the opportunity to make a better life for themselves.

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